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Sizani Foods has vast experience in developing new innovative powder food products. The company employs permanent, qualified food technicians that develop products for our own use as well as providing a contract service for clients.



We specialise in developing the following type products:


  • Savoury Products ( eg soup powders, soya minces, sauces etc)

  • Sweet Products ( eg. ice cream powder, juice powders, dessert powders, cake frostings, bakery premixes etc)

  • Feeding products ( fortified price sensitive foods)

  • Cereals ( e.g. instant porridge, shakes)

  • Body Building Products ( e.g. whey protein shakes, energy drinks)

  • Retail Products ( e.g potato bakes, Pasta sauces, spice blends, crumb coatings etc)























We offer two solutions for clients that wish to have a product developed.


  1. Full IP ( Intellectual Property) rights. Here you will own the recipe to your product.

  2. Basic Product development. This option will cost you much less, and we will develop an approved product for you, but you will not own the IP/recipe on the product.



If you have a powder based product that needs to be developed, please contact us for more information on product development. You can email

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