Relief Food Boxes - COVID-19


South Africa is heading for a Nutritional Crisis. The national lockdown is set to cause a nutritional deficit in the poorer communities. The schools have closed, resulting in more than 9 million children not receiving their daily meal provided by the school nutrition programme. Family incomes are in jeopardy and job security is at risk. Many feeding programmes and NGOs are bravely committed to supplying food aid to those in need, and many individual people and companies have also committed themselves to helping other families and communities. 


At Sizani Foods we have received so many requests in this last weeks, from people and NGOs wanting to supply food parcels to communities all over South Africa. Our company and all our staff have committed themselves to keep the company manufacturing during this time and to keep food products reaching those in need. We have also had commitment from our logistics partners to continue delivering on our behalf to communities around South Africa.


During this time we will be manufacturing and packing two relief food boxes as follows. These will be available to order and include delivery for orders of more than 10 boxes almost anywhere in South Africa. These boxes can be ordered online. 









Immunomeal box.jpg
Relief Food Box M1 pic.png