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African Child


Sizani Foods is a specialist, nutritional food manufacturer and supplier to hunger relief organizations in Southern Africa. Our aim is to provide highly nutritious food at the lowest possible prices to feeding schemes in Africa, to enable these partner organizations to provide even more meals, with better nutrition, to those in need.


We supply meals to more than 120 000 children and adults per day (more than 20 million meals  a year) through our partner feeding organizations.



Sizani Foods specializes in:


  • Manufacturing fortified foods for feeding schemes.

  • Packing and supplying of low cost food parcels.

  • supplying bulk food to soup kitchens, schools feeding schemes and institutions.

  • Menu creation for feeding programmes

  • Feeding Scheme product development

  • Supplying pre-schools and schools in disadvantaged areas. 

     (we supply more than 300 schools all around South Africa, every month)

  • Linking corporate sponsors to beneficiary organizations.

  • Food parcel packing days.

  • Exporting of nutritional food to aid organisations in Africa and the Middle East.



We partner with Non Profit organisations to provide the following:


  1. A complete low cost food solution to suit the project's requirements.

  2. Simplify the logistics of feeding.

  3. A highly certified food company as a partner that can develop key products specific to the organsiations requirements.

  4. 24 years of experience in the feeding scheme industry.

  5. A committed team of passionate people that are focussed on finding solutions to helping any organsation feed more people in need.







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