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Africa Food for Thought (AFFT). AFFT is a non-profit organization (NPO: 045/928), run largely by volunteers, and is essentially focused on equipping and supplying school feeding programmes. We are also involved in a number of community projects, self-help/empowerment projects and shelters and half-way houses. Our aim is to help those who need it the most: the vulnerable and marginalized. We have been registered with SARS ( South African Revenue Service) as a tax-exempt public benefit organisation in terms of section 30 of the Income Tax Act (PBO 930024731).


We currently support:

  • 14 school feeding projects,

  • 3 community projects,

  • 19 crèches 

  • 148 orphaned and vulnerable (OVC) households where parents are incapacitated, absent or are looking after children other than their own.

  • In total, we support more than sixteen thousand children.



The families receive monthly food parcels designed to sustain them. During our work with the schools, it came to our attention that whilst all the children come from disadvantaged and impoverished backgrounds, some of the children were particularly vulnerable, often orphaned by the AIDs epidemic and living in child-headed households. These children are often not receiving any grant or aid from the government, sometimes through ignorance, sometimes through fear of being institutionalized, and sometimes through lack of documentation (birth certificates etc.) These 148 households receive monthly food parcels. These parcels generally contain the basic staples required for nutritional survival, although we do try to include items for personal hygiene, clothing, bedding etc. For more information visit our website at: or our facebook page at:




We are looking for Milk Powder that we can hand out to these families and to children at our preschool projects. Many children in these poor areas have little access access to milk due to the relatively high cost and it is often seen as a luxury. The essential nutrients that the are found in milk and milk powder including minerals such as calcium are essential to the well being and physical and mental development of these children, so any assistance with a milk powder pack will be most welcome.


This Milk Powder box contains 24 sachets of Melsi Modified Milk Powder, which is fortified dairy and non dairy blend that contains Immuno T140 which is priority blend of 20 vitamins and minerals

Food Parcel:  AFFT - Milk Powder Box -24 x 500g


Melsi Modified Milk Powder was developed for feeding schemes with beneficiaries with limited nutrient intake due to low food consumption. It is a product that tastes just like low fat fresh milk. This box provides 500 cups of milk drink. 


It is essentially a milk powder that has had the dairy fat removed and replaced with a vegetable fat. It is then packed full of vitamins and minerals.  This results in:


  1. A more heat stable product

  2. A milk powder that is lower in lactose

  3. A product that is enhanced with added nutrients

  4. A lower cost product ( thoan other full dairy milk powders)



Children love Melsi Modified Milk powder and it is used by more than 30 000 children every day.





Total mass of Food Parcel: 12 kg ( 26.5 Lbs)

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