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Food Parcel:  CLAW FM1

The Melsi branded items are all fortified with 20 vitamins and minerals and were developed for beneficiaries with low dietary intake.


The contents are as follows:

  • Maize meal 5kg - Corn grits. staple food of Southern Africa

  • Samp & Bean Mix 1kg  -  this is maize product with added sugar beans for protein

  • Rice 500g - carbohydrate

  • Peanut Butter 400g - great protein source

  • Jam 520g

  • Sugar 1kg

  • Tea Bags 26's x 2

  • Melsi Milk Powder 500g - A modified milk powder with added vitamins and minerals.

  • Melsi Vitadrink orange 500g - a cold drink powder fortified with 2o vitamins and minerals

  • Melsi Soya Mince Beef 200g x 4 - A soya based vegetarian meat replacement meal. Great protein.

  • Melsi Soya Mince Chicken 200g x 4 - As above. Great protein.

  • Melsi ImmunoMeal 500g - A highly fortified instant cereal/porridge ( just add water)

  • Melsi Soup Powder 500g - A fortified soup/gravy powder. Boost the nutrition of any meal.

  • Dried Split Peas 500g - Great protein and commonly used in the  region. Add to stews or soups.

  • Green Soap 500g - A traditional Carbolic type soap used everywhere in the home.


Total mass of Food Parcel: 13.2 kg ( 29 Lbs)

CLAW is well respected Non Profit organisation in South Africa. They essentially care for effected animals in the poorest informal settlements ( shanty towns) near Johannesburg, South Africa, but have a programme where they support some of the families of these poor animals, with food parcels. Sizani Foods has been supplying food parcels to Claw for more than 10 years.


CLAW provides a service to communities in the form of food and clothing distribution. We are also often able to assist families who need transport to hospitals and hospices. AIDS and HIV are a reality of our daily work and we believe that if individuals have no food or clothing, then they are unlikely to be able to look after their pets properly as well.Various individuals and organizations have committed to delivering monthly basic food parcels to us which we are able to distribute to the most needy families and individuals. These individuals are often brought to our attention when their animals are in need of care.Many of these parcels are delivered to orphans and the sick, especially those with TB and those on ARVs ( anti retrovirals for HIV).


visit their website for more information:








This Food Parcel consists of 120 meals. There is a good combination of carbohydrate foods, protein foods and vitamin rich foods. It will provide supplementary food for a family of four for one month ( one meal per day plus extras).

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