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There are currently more than 60 million refugees  and Internally Displace People ( IDP) in the world today. This is the figure given by The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. These refugees and IDPs are increasing in numbers daily with the bulk of them coming from the war torn countries in the Middle East and Africa. This is the highest number of displaced people that the world has experienced since world war 2.


This mass movement has untold costs on the world economy, as econmic activity in those efected regions stops and the people themselves have to be fed. The Internal Diplacement Monitoring Centre puts this cost at almost $100 billion annually.


The phsycological and health effects of these poor people are tremendous and can only result in long term dire consequenses for their cultures, communities and families.


Sizani Foods supplies to various Non Governmental organisations, Relief Agencies and Government departments in various effected countries. We pack up food parcel specifically geared for refugee families in the Middle East and in Africa. Our food packs are all Halaal and rangle from USD22 to USD60





















We have an excellent range of food parcels, but can pack up any food parcel according to our clients specification. Sizani Foods is geared to supply EMERGENCY FOOD AID, and can load shipping containers or aeroplane drop shipments within just a few days.


Marketing and Logistics for refugee food, in these region outside of South Africa, are managed by our Refugee Supply Partners:   

Alpha Zero Consultants based in Cape Town, South Africa. For more information and pricing email or visit






Our services include

  • Menu creation and food parcel development for relief agencies

  • Food product sourcing, manufacturing and product development. we employ several food technicians that develop products to meet client specific needs.

  • Logistics management - we will deliver almost anywhere in the world via shipping containers or cargo planes.

  • Disaster relief food supply - we are on standby to pack quickly and deliver efficiently to any distater area.


Our factories work to the highest world standards of food safety. We are GFSI accredited. we are also Halaal certified.




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