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COVID-19: During the Lockdown period, Sizani Foods will only be supplying two types of RELIEF FOOD BOXES. For more information click below.

Food Parcels are a great way to distribute food to those in need. The contents can be calculated accurately from a nutritional and financial perspective and adapted to suit the beneficiaries circumstances. The food items are packed in either plastic outers or cartons or buckets which allows for the easy handling of the food items and are easily transported and handed out, as opposed to loose or bulk food items.

When we are asked to develop a food parcel for a feeding scheme, we first take a look at the circumstances of the beneficiaries and the requirement of the feeding scheme or sponsor to determine the most economical, practical and effective food parcel solution. We look at the following:


The beneficiary type

We categorise beneficiaries into the following groups:

  • Family

  • Individual

  • Elderly Individual

  • Homeless Individual

  • Child Run Household


Consumption period

This is usually  a month, but some feeding schemes request fortnightly food parcels, or just "once off" food parcels.

Sponsor's budget

The budgeted cost per food parcel. This is always a fine balance between the cost per food parcel vs the number of food parcels. Eg do you feed fewer people but provide a larger food parcel?



Our food parcels are usually a good combination of protein foods, carbohydrate foods and vitamin rich foods. We add as many fortified food products, some of which we manufacture, in the food parcel as possible, to boost the nutritional levels of beneficiaries with low dietary intake.


We pack up dozens of different food parcels, from R60 to R450. Please contact us for a quote on a food parcel to meet your budget and your beneficiaries needs.

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