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UMMA AFRIKA has its beginnings in skills development of people in rural areas within the greater South Africa.  


We found ourselves developing  a heart for the basic survival needs of our children especially towards the Orphans and Vulnerable Children left orphaned due to high HIV/Aids deaths.  Many of these children are left to become part of a home where often the eldest child will be no more than 12 years of age and left responsible for the others.  Many of these children have diseases such as HIV/Aids and TB and have to take scheduled medication daily for their conditions. Most of these children do not have any food and therefore, we are desperately seeking donations.  


Our main focus has become to provide these children with at least one meal a day which prevents them from taking medication on an empty stomach.  This has many wonderful other benefits, contributing to the mental alertness and overall well-being of these children.


In the area of Soshanguve, 2 hours north of Johannesburg, South Africa, the Bana Ba Kgosi Drop in Centre caters to 3 schools (primary and high) in the immediate area.  UMMA AFRIKA has helped the school in sourcing funding towards 700 of these children for one meal a day.  Our need is for donations, with which we can purchase food, to send home with the children that will provide them with a meal at dinnertime.


We appreciate any contributions towards UMMA AFRIKA Charity Trust and ensure you that 100% of these food parcels received are delivered to the Drop In Centre, monitored by UMMA AFRIKA and taken straight into the homes and lives of these children.  The impact of this is life giving and brings hope where there is very little of anything else.


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This Food Box contains 30 packets of Melsi Immuno-meal. which is an instant maize based porridge that is packed full of 20 vitamins and minerals.

Food Parcel: Umma Afrika -  Immunomeal 30 x 500g

The box of Melsi Immunomeal provides more than 200 nutrition packed meals. Each 500g packet provides up to 7 servings, while each serving provides more than 80% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals these children need. The porridge just needs to be mixed with water, so it is super easy to prepare and is perfect for child run households.

It is maize based, which is the staple food of people of the Southern African region. It also includes milk powder, sugar and flavouring to make a great tasting cereal. The product is highly fortified and includes the vitamins and minerals shown on the left at 100% RDA/100g( 80% per 80g serving)













Total mass of Food Parcel: 15 kg ( 33 Lbs)

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