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Donate a Food Parcel


We are not a charity. We are a proudly sustainable private company. But we work with so many wonderful charities that do amazing work in Southern Africa. Many people around the world may wish to donate to families in desparate need of the most basic if necessities - food..... but











  • How do you do this?

  • Which Charity or feeding programme do you choose?

  • If you give money - how much of it goes to food and how much is used as administrative expenses? ( admin is necessary in all charities but most donors prefer their donation to go to food)

How we work


Its easy....choose a feeding scheme....... Purchase a food parcel


  1. Below you will find links to some of our approved feeding programme partners.

  2. Click on the links and learn about the charities and the work that they do.

  3. If you wish to support one of these charities, then click on the food parcel or products that are linked to that specific charity and make a purchase.

  4. You will be taken to a secure checkout where you can pay immediately.

  5. Sizani Foods, and the charity get notified of your purchase. We then pack up your food parcel and deliver, on your behalf  to the feeding programme you selected. We usually deliver at least once a month to these charities, so your order will be added to the next delivery loads.


It is like buying flowers online for a loved one, ( you click - you order - we deliver) . but for less than a small bunch of online flowers, you can  - for example - purchase food for a family of 4 for an entire month. So 100% of your purchase is used as your donation to the charity.


No admin fees and no commissions.

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